What is YouAreLucky

We share Real experience of WEB 3.0 entrepreneurs in an open source documentation, The idea is to get more people started with WEB3, promote interoperability and stimulate the web3 ecosystem growth.

What is the goal of this playbook?

This playbook offers inspiration, tips, a guide and best practices for Web3 project leaders to de-risk their projects to long-term success.
The insights are drawn from real experience. The team interviewed & worked behind-the-scenes with mods, community managers, and founders of projects that continue to be very successful, and ones that can see more success.
Our goal for this, ultimately, is to inspire, grow, and give back to the early, and developing Web3 ecosystem. We believe in its future and want to see more Web 3.0 projects, the right & well-intentioned ones, succeed in the long-term.
If you are a startup, an entrepreneur or a freelancer and you want to start your business based on Web3 technologies, we invite you to share your experience with us

Who is this for and not for?

This is aimed towards Web 3.0 project founders who:
  • Want to see their project succeed in the long-term, not for any immediate cash grab or rug
  • Want to build a solid community of believers, invested in the project, not merely in the ability to flip and make money
  • Care deeply about the community they create
  • Get excited with experimentation — the practices and tips here are to help inspire more experiments and new things to drive your project’s success
  • Are primarily launching Web 3.0 startup
This _could_** be but is not necessarily for :**
  • NFT projects as well as DAO leaders, crypto companies and other web3 communities
  • Creators launching 1/1s NFTs or NFTs as art
This is not for:
  • Short-term projects that want to scam money off of their members
  • Projects looking to find a silver bullet into quality growth — there isn’t one and if there were, they’re probably unsustainable promotions that won’t attract the right people you need to succeed in the long-term

Getting Started

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We know learning by doing is the best and fastest way to grow and gain knowledge. This is your opportunity to unlock your potential in the web3 space, while expanding your network and supporting each other at the same time.

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