Getting started with the Web3

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Who is this for and not for?

This is aimed towards Web 3.0 project founders who:
  • Want to see their project succeed in the long-term, not for any immediate cash grab or rug
  • Want to build a solid community of believers, invested in the project, not merely in the ability to flip and make money
  • Care deeply about the community they create
  • Get excited with experimentation — the practices and tips here are to help inspire more experiments and new things to drive your project’s success
  • Are primarily launching Web 3.0 startup
This is not for:
  • Short-term projects that want to scam money off of their members
  • Projects looking to make big money in a week — there isn’t one and if there were, they’re probably unsustainable promotions that won’t attract the right people we need to succeed in the long-term

Getting Started